Youth Authority is finally released!

Six years since their last album release, Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority is now out!

It’s available on iTunes and Apple Music now (with bonus track Rise), is set to be on Spotify from next week and is also available from HMV on CD and vinyl with two bonus tracks – We’ll Let It All Out and Life Is Hard.

Hopefully they’ll play some of the new tracks live for us on their UK tour next month.

Welcome Back GC!

Good Charlotte - Youth Authority


Tracklisting revealed for Youth Authority

The tracklisting has been revealed for Good Charlotte’s new album Youth Authority.

The tracklist for Youth Authority has been posted on iTunes in Australia where it’s available for pre-order (UK fans can pre-order from the GC webshop). Here it is:

1. Life Changes
2. Makeshift Love
3. 40 oz. Dream
4. Life Can’t Get Much Better
5. Keep Swingin’ (feat. Kellin Quinn)
6. Reason to Stay (feat. Simon Neil)
7. Stray Dogs
8. Stick to Your Guns (Interlude)
9. The Outfield
10. Cars Full of People
11. War
12. Moving On
13. Rise (Bonus Track)

Interesting to note that two of the tracks share names with existing Good Charlotte songs (‘War’ from ‘Greatest Remixes’ and ‘Moving On’/’Movin’ On’ from ‘The Young and The Hopeless’) and that they’re continuing to include interludes on their albums.

The album, the name of which was released last week, will be released on July 15 2016.