Youth Authority is finally released!

Six years since their last album release, Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority is now out!

It’s available on iTunes and Apple Music now (with bonus track Rise), is set to be on Spotify from next week and is also available from HMV on CD and vinyl with two bonus tracks – We’ll Let It All Out and Life Is Hard.

Hopefully they’ll play some of the new tracks live for us on their UK tour next month.

Welcome Back GC!

Good Charlotte - Youth Authority


Tracklisting revealed for Youth Authority

The tracklisting has been revealed for Good Charlotte’s new album Youth Authority.

The tracklist for Youth Authority has been posted on iTunes in Australia where it’s available for pre-order (UK fans can pre-order from the GC webshop). Here it is:

1. Life Changes
2. Makeshift Love
3. 40 oz. Dream
4. Life Can’t Get Much Better
5. Keep Swingin’ (feat. Kellin Quinn)
6. Reason to Stay (feat. Simon Neil)
7. Stray Dogs
8. Stick to Your Guns (Interlude)
9. The Outfield
10. Cars Full of People
11. War
12. Moving On
13. Rise (Bonus Track)

Interesting to note that two of the tracks share names with existing Good Charlotte songs (‘War’ from ‘Greatest Remixes’ and ‘Moving On’/’Movin’ On’ from ‘The Young and The Hopeless’) and that they’re continuing to include interludes on their albums.

The album, the name of which was released last week, will be released on July 15 2016.




Good Charlotte reveal name and cover art for new album

After announcing the release date for GC album number six yesterday, the band have now confirmed the name of the record and revealed the cover art.


The album will be named “Youth Authority” and the artwork has been designed by Brian Mantouri.

Benji told music website Paper, that the artwork “uses pieces of real GC history — including old show flyers and pictures — and combining them with his own paintings, Brian came up with an incredible piece of imagery that we all love. We share an affection for a scene, many bands, and we both come from a world where great album covers, fanzines, and old show flyers ruled. This album cover really strikes chord in all of us.”

Good  Charlotte – Youth Authority will be released on July 15 2016. 

The announcement comes on the 20th anniversary of Good Charlotte’s formation. The group was founded on April 1 1996.



NB:  although this was posted before 12noon US time, we’re assuming it’s not an April Fool!

Good Charlotte announce release date for new album

Good Charlotte have confirmed the release date for album six.

The as-yet untitled album will be released on July 15 2016.

The release date was announced in a video on Apple Music. It was at the end of the video screened before GC took to the stage on their UK dates earlier this year.


So does this mean it’ll be an AppleMusic exclusive first? It’s worth noting that Apple Music are currently offering the first three months for free, if (like me!) you plan on buying the physical copy!

New Good Charlotte album will feature collab with UK band Biffy Clyro

Good Charlotte’s upcoming sixth album will include a track which is a collaboration with the frontman of Scottish group Biffy Clyro, Joel has revealed.

Speaking to a radio station in Philadelphia, Joel confirmed that vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil has worked on a track with GC for new release. Another track features Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens.

Joel said doing a song with Neil was “incredible” and added that he’s always been a fan of the Scottish trio.

But these aren’t the only guest stars on the record – Joel’s son Sparrow also features on one song.

“The first song on the record is called ‘Life Changes’. I actually got my son, who’s six years old, to do some stuff on it so that song’s obviously pretty special to me,” Joel added.


Good Charlotte are to release a new single on April 4 ahead of a mini-US tour and the album release this summer.

You can now pre-order the new Good Charlotte album!

Good Charlotte have released pre-order packages for their as-yet untitled sixth album and revealed the release date for their next single.

Pre-order packages including t-shirts and the record on vinyl are now on sale in Good Charlotte’s official store. Shipping costs to the UK range from $14.70 (£10.38) for delivery 8-24 business days after the release to $61.83 (£43.66) for delivery 4-5 business dates after the release.

Their single will be released on April 4, according to Entertainment Weekly, ahead of the release of the album this summer.

It comes as the band announce a short run of US tour dates playing in Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York and Boston. Those pre-ordering the album can get priority access to tickets for the US dates.

The last new Good Charlotte song was Makeshift Love, released in November. They teased new music last week by tweeting a clip of the video they showed on their UK tour last month.

On their UK dates earlier this year, Good Charlotte said they’ll be back in the UK later this year.


Good Charlotte ‘planning one or two more albums’, UK return this autumn

Good Charlotte have confirmed that their return after going on hiatus in 2011 is not just for one album.

Speaking before their show at Manchester Arena, Benji and Joel said they’re looking at making another one or two albums after the release of their as-yet untitled sixth album – although Billy pointed out that they’ll continue to make music indefinitely as long as it remains fun.

The sixth album is due to be released this summer and is currently being mixed, and Benji and Joel said it contains some of their best music to date.

The band also revealed some of the songs they’re most proud of. Benji and Joel highlighted ‘Emotionless’ and a song written for 5 Seconds of Summer, ‘Amnesia’, as some of their favourites – as well as the Madden Brothers album ‘Greetings from California’ as it was very personal to them.

When asked about their best memories of spending time in the UK, the band said they love playing gigs in the UK as the crowds are always so lively – although Benji did highlight another good memory was when they played a show at Alton Towers in 2004 as they travelled to the gig by helicopter.

Good Charlotte confirmed they’re currently planning their next visit to our shores – with October/November looking likely for the next Good Charlotte UK tour.

Good Charlotte reveal release date for their new album

Exciting times – Good Charlotte have revealed some more details about their upcoming album in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The band’s sixth album will be out in May, the magazine reveals – but they’ve not yet announced the name.

The interview also reveals lyrics from a new Good Charlotte song that we vcan expect on album 6:

‘You know they say that nothing lasts forever/You know they said we’d never stay together/It’s a long way down/Can’t turn back now/Going through these life changes.’

Hopefully we’ll hear some of these new tracks on the upcoming Good Charlotte UK gigs in February!