Good Charlotte - Youth Authority
Youth Authority

Good Charlotte reveal name and cover art for new album

After announcing the release date for GC album number six yesterday, the band have now confirmed the name of the record and revealed the cover art.


The album will be named “Youth Authority” and the artwork has been designed by Brian Mantouri.

Benji told music website Paper, that the artwork “uses pieces of real GC history — including old show flyers and pictures — and combining them with his own paintings, Brian came up with an incredible piece of imagery that we all love. We share an affection for a scene, many bands, and we both come from a world where great album covers, fanzines, and old show flyers ruled. This album cover really strikes chord in all of us.”

Good  Charlotte – Youth Authority will be released on July 15 2016. 

The announcement comes on the 20th anniversary of Good Charlotte’s formation. The group was founded on April 1 1996.



NB:  although this was posted before 12noon US time, we’re assuming it’s not an April Fool!

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