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New Good Charlotte album will feature collab with UK band Biffy Clyro

Good Charlotte’s upcoming sixth album will include a track which is a collaboration with the frontman of Scottish group Biffy Clyro, Joel has revealed.

Speaking to a radio station in Philadelphia, Joel confirmed that vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil has worked on a track with GC for new release. Another track features Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens.

Joel said doing a song with Neil was “incredible” and added that he’s always been a fan of the Scottish trio.

But these aren’t the only guest stars on the record – Joel’s son Sparrow also features on one song.

“The first song on the record is called ‘Life Changes’. I actually got my son, who’s six years old, to do some stuff on it so that song’s obviously pretty special to me,” Joel added.


Good Charlotte are to release a new single on April 4 ahead of a mini-US tour and the album release this summer.

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